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THE VALLEY BREEZE | 2019 HEALTH & WELLNESS GUIDE 27 Many people like to go to fitness classes instead of doing solo workouts. Working out in a group can help motivate you to push yourself more than you might have otherwise. The Huffington Post and LiveStrong discussed the best classes to get you excit- ed about going to the gym and achieving the results you want. With any class, know you can adapt moves to your fitness level. Zumba and other dance-like classes These classes are great if you want a high-energy, fun experience that still gets you moving and shaking. Benefits include getting your heart rate up and working different muscle groups without falling into a routine. Other dance classes are Ba- tuka, a mix of aerobics and dance moves set to a Latin beat that offers a full-body workout, and belly dancing, which is doable for all fitness levels and are a good core workout in addition to the cardiovascular work. Strength training Want a workout that tones every muscle group? Most gyms offer a total body strength training class that hits every major muscle group. Depending on the class and instructor, it may be dedicated strength train- ing, including free weights, bars, squats and core exer- cises. These classes can be good for people who aren't as comfortable with weights, since the instructor can help you with form. If you want a class that com- bines weights and cardio, look for a boot camp, which is circuit training that takes its inspiration from military training. You can also look for classes that allow you to spend 30 minutes hitting one muscle group. Spin class Want a class that'll get your heart racing but go easy on your joints? Take a spin class, which puts you in a dark room on a stationery bike with loud music and an instructor yelling at you to pedal harder. Spin takes you up steep hills, intense sprints and on long roads. Don't forget your sweat towel and water bottle. Yoga and pilates These classes are more focused on stretching, flex- ibility and specific muscle toning, but don't underesti- mate how hard they can be physically. These are good classes for people just start- ing a fitness routine or who need a break from a more demanding regimen. ©2019 GREENSHOOTMEDIA.COM Taking a Gym class providing Highway Needling

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