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PAWTUCKET EDITION | VALLEY BREEZE | MARCH 27-APRIL 2, 2019 5 Dear Residents of Pawtucket, Mayor Grebien recently sent out a mailer to the residents of the city explaining that he will be making some repairs to Station 3 located on Columbus avenue. The station repairs are slated to begin on April 1st and they are scheduled to finish sometime in late May early June, during that time the station will be closed. However the Mayor omitted one fact from his letter, Engine 3 will be taken out of service and will not respond to any calls during construction. The Mayor also stated that the closure will not increase response times or public safety. Unfortunately his statement is completely false. Response times can only increase, as only two engine companies will remain in service for the entire city east of Interstate 95. These two engine companies already respond to roughly 5500 calls on their own and with the planned closure of Engine 3, they will have to take over the 3000+ calls Engine 3 did in 2018. Please keep in mind that Station 1 on West Avenue has also been "temporarily" closed since 2017, already resulting in increased response times to the Oakhill and Woodlawn neighborhoods. During this closure all city residents will ultimately see a "trickledown" effect, which without question will result in increased response times throughout the city thus affecting public safety. The following are some facts about Engine 3's closure • Engine 3 responded to 3039 runs in 2018 • There will be no Engine or Rescue located in districts 1 & 3 (18,000+) residents • Station 1 located on West Avenue has been closed since 2017, response times to that district have increased greatly • Agnes E. Little School, Jenks Jr High School, Saint Raphael Academy and the Boys & Girls Club of Pawtucket are all located in Engine 3's district • Response times will increase for the residents of Prospect Heights • Over 8000 residents of Engine 3's district will not have a dedicated Engine responding to their district • Multiple Elderly and Handicapped Assisted living buildings are located throughout Engine 3's district • Response times will increase with Engine 3 out of service (Especially if the surrounding Engines are already busy responding in their own districts) • There is enough space and manpower available to keep Engine 3 in service during the much needed station repairs, however the Mayor refuses to do so • The Mayors original plan was to keep Engine 3 in service during the much needed and long awaited repairs, we agreed with this plan and it should be implemented on April 1st • Prior to the picket line on February 14, 2019 during a WPRI news interview, the Public Safety Director said that all Engines and Manpower will remain the same during repairs • On February 26th 2019 the Pawtucket Firefighters Local 1261 had an informational picket line during Mayor Grebiens private fundraiser • 8 days after the informational picket line on March 6th during a Pawtucket City Council meeting, The Public Safety Director changed the previous plan and then told the council that they will be removing Engine 3 due to the lack of reserve Engines, which we have 3 of (however now you know the real reason) Map of the City of Pawtucket The Men and Women of this department are professionals and as always will do all we can to protect the residents of Pawtucket. We believe this closure is unnecessary, irresponsible and vindictive. It will only increase our response times and endanger public safety. We ask that you call the Mayor today and demand that he keep Engine 3 in service. 728-0500 ext. 281 Paid for by the Pawtucket Firefighters IAFF Local 1261

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