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16 IN OUR SCHOOLS FEBRUARY 7-13, 2019 | VALLEY BREEZE | CUMBERLAND LINCOLN EDITION The next word, "bevel," knocked out two more students before 7th-grader David Silvestri nailed it. The word "praline" tripped up two more students leading into the eighth round of the bee, with Fucci the one to get it right. When two more stu- dents misspelled "incorruptible," the competition was down to three. Akoda Harrop, an 8th-grader who correctly spelled the words "alder- man," "stucco," "crochet" and "alba- tross" throughout the evening, fell in the ninth round when she dropped the first "a" in "quesadilla." Connors correctly spelled "vibrato" to move on to the final round, facing off with Fucci who spelled the word "hazard." Connors will move on to the state- wide spelling bee, hosted by The Valley Breeze, in March. Asked for his thoughts on the big win, he said "it feels really good … it's been a long time!" The judges for the competition were Central Elementary School principal Patricia Gablinske, Northern Principal Alec Ciminello and Lincoln Middle School Assistant Principal John McNeil. The welcome address was provided by Supt. Larry Filippelli, with stu- dent introductions led by Northern Assistant Principal Jeffrey Sposato, and challenges directed by Saylesville Elementary Principal Reza Sarkarati. Lonsdale Principal Melissa Goho coor- dinated the bee and read the rules to the audience. There was some question this week about whether the final round was done correctly. The Breeze will provide a follow-up next week. SPELLING From Page 6 BREEZE PHOTOS BY CHARLES LAWRENCE The judges hold up green cards indicating MATTHEW CONNORS, an 8th-grader at Lincoln Middle School, has won the Spelling Bee by success- fully spelling the word "anchovy." Next to him is second place winner, Lincoln Middle School 7th-grader JOSEPH FUCCI. JOSEPH FUCCI, a 7th-grader at Lincoln Middle School, takes a turn at the micro- phone, eventually going on to win second place in the competition. Judges hold up green cards, above, to indicate a student has correctly spelled a word. From left are JOHN MCNEIL, assistant principal at Lincoln Middle School; ALEX CIMINELLO, principal of Northern Lincoln Elementary and PATRICIA GABLINSKE, principal of Central Elementary School. ELIZA GOBIN, a 4th-grader at Saylesville Elementary, left, is asked to spell the word "sultan."

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