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The Valley Breeze Woonsocket North Smithfield 01-10-2019

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THE VALLEY BREEZE | JANUARY 10-16, 2019 2018 PHOTOS OF THE YEAR 11 BREEZE PHOTO BY ROBERT EMERSON Students at Old County Road School in Smithfield who were exemplary in several categories for which they received a "star card," were rewarded, in January, with a "Green Slime Day" (although some of it was blue), where they mixed household ingredients and created, well, green slime. I had heard of the stuff, but really had no idea what it was or just how much young school kids were enamored by it. I was standing in the corner of the art room watching the students mix the ingredients together when I noticed kinder- gartner Manav Nair, on the opposite side of the room, repeatedly stretch his slime as high as his arm would reach and stare in amazement at the stuff. I hoped he would still be doing it as I crossed the room and as luck would have it he was doing it for about 10 more minutes! ... plenty of time to make this picture of a child's wonder. And much to the parents' chagrin, students got to take their slime home! BREEZE PHOTO BY CHARLES LAWRENCE I tried to capture the concentration of 6th-grader Nolan Rogalski at North Cumberland Middle School as he concentrated on spelling "incarceration" during the town's spelling bee. These young people study hard and make a terrific effort and deserve recognition for that. Personally, I am thankful for spell-check! BREEZE PHOTO BY CHARLES LAWRENCE One thing I have learned is that kids really love to dance and sing, and some are very good at it. At North Providence's Meehan Summer Camp in Gov. Notte Park they made their own make-believe instruments and microphones and then acted out their fantasies as future rock stars. Watching young people, like Emilio Sarkins, here, have fun singing and dancing is a lot of fun for me. I wanted to convey the excitement of the event. That is why I took this picture. YOUR BEST DECISION AFTER A COLLISION Gift Certificates Available 420 Mendon Road, Cumberland, RI 02865 (401) 333-5855 * Unless covered by insurance ** Applies to collision repairs only – Minimum amount required STATE-OF-THE-ART FACILITY Auto Body and Repair Foreign & Domestic Auto Maintenance Full Service Mechanic Fast, Knowledgeable, Friendly Service •Free Personal & Insurance Appraisals* •Complimentary Pick-Up & Delivery Service •Rental Car Arrangements* •Complimentary Vehicle Detail** Serving Breakfast & Lunch Daily Specials Friday - Fish & Chips 802 High Street, Cumberland 401-305-3113 Tuesday-Sunday 7 a.m.-2 p.m., Fridays 7 a.m.-7 p.m. EARLY RISER 7 a.m. - 9 a.m. 2 Eggs any style, homefries, toast & coffee $ 3 .99 Tuesday-Friday

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