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THE VALLEY BREEZE | JANUARY 10-16, 2019 2018 PHOTOS OF THE YEAR 3 BREEZE PHOTO BY ROBERT EMERSON I don't get to cover many sports-related assignments at The Breeze, so when I saw this one, I admit I was a little nervous. In February, Cumberland High School wrestling coach Steve Gordon was retir- ing after 50 years and this was his final match. Ever. For Coach Gordon though, despite the hoop- la and the speeches, this was just another wres- tling match. Due to the fact that I hadn't covered wrestling in about 30 years, I had no idea what was going to happen or what to expect. I made a bunch of mediocre pho- tos right up until the time the speeches concluded and the match was about the begin. That's when I noticed the team gravi- tating toward the coach and then with his out- stretched arm, the team came together for one final pre-match cheer. I like the way the team's hands all came together and the expression on the coach's face that said let's just get on with it. One of the things I miss most about my new job as a newspaper owner and manager is that I don't get to take too many news photos anymore. It's too bad. I loved doing it from the time I had my first job as a photojour- nalist 41 years ago. Our paper is in very good hands, though. Robert Emerson, Charlie Lawrence and Bill Murphy do won- derful work for you each weekend and at many big events like graduations. I didn't know Charlie and Bill much before they worked here, but I'm glad both found their way to The Breeze. Bob Emerson, however, I knew. Back when I was younger and admiring The Providence Journal between my classes at Rhode Island College in the 1970s, The Journal had one of the best photojournalist staffs in the United States, and Bob was among the elite, winning contests as the best photojournalist in New England. He called me when he retired from WJAR-TV, and obviously, I jumped at the chance to have him with us. On the following pages are just some of the excellent work these three men provide each week. I'm grateful they are on our team. Enjoy! - Tom Ward, publisher TOM WARD

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