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6 ENTERTAINMENT DECEMBER 12-18, 2018 | VALLEY BREEZE & OBSERVER LIVING EDITION got a $15 guitar. I came to it late." When he's not performing, Charloff writes and produces music, and per- forms with Minneapolis bands. "I just wrote and released 'Colors' with Prince's sister," he says. "Now, I have my own albums and following. The girls can follow that." Charloff refers to himself and his fellow band members as "weekend warriors. We do about 100 shows per year." Following their show in Woonsocket, they'll head to Atlantic City for a New Year's Eve show at the Borgata. Charloff says he has struggled with appearing or sounding like Prince. "It's the dichotomy of being some- body else, seeing the adoration of a superhuman musician which is what Prince was," he said. "I'm aware (the audience) is directing their attention to Prince, not to me. I completely turn it off, downplay it, when I'm off stage." Prince was Charloff's musical men- tor. "No question about it. He's forever going to be the inspiration for me to be a better as a musician," he told The Breeze. "So, I'm not trying to be him in any way." Charloff says the Purple Xperience is a high-energy show. "It's very inclusive of the audience, we're kind of all celebrating together," he said. "Folks are bringing their kids, I've noticed that in the last couple of years. The parents grew up with Prince, and they want to expose the next generation, which won't have the opportunity to see Prince live ever again." The show, says Charloff, means a lot more since Prince died. "It is the spirit of Prince. He was just the best at everything." Visit or call the box office at 401-762-4545 for tickets and information on the Dec. 28 performance. THE PURPLE XPERIENCE features, from left, RON CARON on drums, RON LONG on bass, MARSHALL CHARLOFF, lead vocals, CORY EISCHEN on keyboards and TRACEY BLAKE on guitar. PURPLE From Page One Nothing exciting about new 'Robin Hood' movie H The iconic character of Robin Hood and the stories of his merry men in Sherwood Forest have been shared for generations. There have also been countless iterations on both the big screen and small. But here's the thing, how relevant is this mythical figure in age where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer? In society now, it takes someone like Bill and Melinda Gates, who are billionaires them- selves, to give away their money philanthropically. There is no great undercover hacker stealing or funneling money from Amazon founder Jeff Bezo's bank account. The concept of some- one stealing from the rich and giv- ing it to the underprivileged in this age of Bitcoin and data breaches would be enticing. If you gave me a movie with a premise like that, I might be interested in watching, but instead we get another retread of Robin Hood set in the past. This time around Taron Egerton plays Robin. But he's a very cocky and gung-ho Robin, a very Twitter- ready hero in medieval times. He returns from serving in the crusades and decides to begin a personal campaign against the English with the aid of Little John ( Jamie Foxx). In this very politcally correct, social justice warrior redo, Little John is Muslim and Marian (Eve Hewson) doesn't need to be rescued because she is so savvy and competent. Ben Mendelsohn plays the Sheriff of Nottingham and honestly, at this point, with the numerous bad guy roles he has portrayed, he could've sleep-walked through this role. He has perfected the art of being a despicable, loathed evil presence. It's sad because he has become so typecast for playing mean and rot- ten personalities. He's still great as the Sheriff, but even he gets a little snarky at times. This "Robin Hood" reminded me very much of last year's "King Arthur" with Charlie Hunnam. That movie, like this one, tried to rein- vent an age-old storyline but twist it into a slick, fast-paced action film with fight choreography like "John Wick." The sensibilities and choices made in that film by Guy Ritchie just doomed it, and it performed poorly financially and was blasted by myself and other critics. "Robin Hood" is cut from the same cloth and tries so desperately to tap the same vein and unsurpris- ingly fails just as badly. This is one of the greatest pitfalls with studios of late; they get nervous if they sit on a property too long. Twentieth Century Fox notoriously put out that dismal "Fantastic Four" film in 2015 only to avoid it reverting back to Disney/Marvel, it was dead on arrival especially with fans. Another reason this film really didn't excite me is because there was a Robin Hood movie only eight years ago with Russell Crowe which was better than this, but neither that or this one compare to Kevin Costner's version from 1991 or even the 1993 Cary Elwes-led comedy romp "Robin Hood: Men in Tights." I've written it before in this col- umn and will again, but rehashing and rebooting old properties for fresh eyes is only worth watching if they're presenting it in a worthwhile and original way. "Robin Hood" comes off an uninspired, slick wan- na-be shot on an iPhone. The film is rated PG13. Film Unfiltered TOM BURKE In this year's remake of "Robin Hood," TARON EGERTON, left, plays the gung-ho Robin who returns from serving in the crusades to begin a personal campaign against the English with the help of Little John played by JAMIE FOXX. ACROSS 1. A great lunch 4. German composer 8. Expresses plea- sure 10. Unit of energy 11. Genus of beetles 12. Type of respect 13. City in Nether- lands 15. Showing lack of skill 16. Irish surname 17. Exaggerated or affected sentiment 18. Diversion 21. Journalist Tarbell 22. Wrath 23. Current unit 24. Sixers' Simmons 25. Makes honey 26. Tributary of the Rhine 27. Once home to a notorious wall 34. Gets back 35. She was behead- ed in France 36. Cheer 37. Tropical Asian palm 38. Darker 39. Figures 40. Old World trees 41. Protects a broken bone 42. Dried-up 43. An enclosure for swine DOWN 1. Blab 2. __ Bacall, actress 3. Declaration of an intention to inflict harm 4. The most direct route 5. Affirm to be true or correct 6. Rift 7. Oil company 9. Alphabetic char- acter 10. Large marsh bird 12. Hollywood event 14. Scottish port 15. French river 17. Something frus- trating (abbr.) 19. More in time 20. Payroll company 23. Pokes holes in 24. A way to steal 25. Blacken with dirt 26. Autonomic ner- vous system 27. A lab tech's tool 28. A place to stay 29. UK school 30. Moroccan 31. Where rockers work 32. Most friendly 33. In a state of turbulence 34."Bridget Jones" actress 36. Hebrew liquid units Answers to this week's crossword puzzle can be found on page 9.

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