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THE VALLEY BREEZE & OBSERVER | NOVEMBER 28-DECEMBER 4, 2018 CHRISTMAS IN THE VALLEY 2018 27 Millennials to baby boomers, gifts that grow are all the rage It's a jungle in there. Every window, surface and brightly lit corner is filled with decorative or edible greenery. There is no doubt what to gift this person for the holidays. More of the same. A lack of outdoor growing space, limited growing seasons, and time constraints have many people filling their apartments and homes with fid- dle leaf figs, palms, succulents, herbs and vegetables. And you have probably heard of the houseplant craze amongst millen- nials. Perhaps the need to de-stress after a long work day, concern for purer air, an interest in safe fresh food and a desire to be close to nature contribute to this craze. No matter the reason, gifting a millennial a trendy houseplant is sure to be a hit. No matter your age, living in a green space and tending plants has many benefits. It reduces stress, improves one's mood and provides a sense of emotional well being. Planting seeds and watching them grow generates feelings of hope. It it's edible, even better. Indoor herb and vegetable gardens provide fresh, nutri- tious food to harvest and enjoy. Newbies and those making the gar- dening transition indoors may find it challenging. Limited light, a different pallet of plants and variable watering regimes can be intimidating. Those who have killed philodendrons and succulents in the past may have given up, but fortunately there are solu- tions and easy-care options for those looking to expand their indoor green spaces. Take the guesswork out of watering with hydroponics. Water and nutrients are available and delivered via a wick or similar system to the plants when needed. Colorful Mason-type canning jar planters fitted with hydroponic grow kits are perfect for starting seeds and growing plants on windowsills or countertops. Add a sleeker touch with a colored glass cylinder like Modern Sprout's Hydroponic Tumbler Grow Kit. Give them all they need; seeds or plants, container and growing media. Make it yourself or buy a ready-made kit like the Wax Planter Grow Kit ( This gift is sure to provide a sense of satisfaction from planting to harvesting their first sprig of basil or decorating the spruce tree they grew from a seed. Brighten up growing spaces with indoor lights. Supplementing natural light or providing light in a window- less space can make the difference between success and failure. Energy efficient LED grow lights provide the light plants need, while saving on energy costs. Attractive options and space saving systems blend in nicely to any home. Complete light- ing systems, like the Growhouse, are designed to fit small spaces and make watering easy while protecting sur- rounding surfaces from water damage. Match the plants to the light condi- tions and the recipient's gardening skills. Succulents are trendy and per- fect for busy gardeners with sunny windows or grow light setups. They thrive with benign neglect; as do snake plants, Chinese evergreens, Anthuriums and ZZ plants in low light conditions. Orchids and bonsai make the perfect gift for those ready to take their indoor gardening to the next level. For the most fool proof winter option, gift an amaryllis or paperwhite bulb kit. No matter the recipient's age or experience level, the gift of gardening will provide immediate and lasting enjoyment. Melinda Myers is the author of more than 20 gardening books and host of The Great Courses' How to Grow Anything DVD series. Her website, www.MelindaMyers. com, offers gardening tips and videos. PHOTO COURTESY OF MODERN SPROUT GROWHOUSE LIGHTING systems provide a greenhouse and grow light all in one unit. From preceding page Michael's Meats 2130 Mendon Road, #4, Cumberland (401) 305-5555 Find out what's on sale at HOURS: Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m.; Wed. till 6 p.m.; Saturday 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Gift Certificates Available • Semi Boneless or Boneless Rib Roast • Tenderloin Roasts • Sirloin Strip Roasts • USDA Leg of Lamb • Coldcut Platters • Triple M Budaball Hams • Boar's Head Hams • Crown Roast of Pork • Kielbasa or Pierogis • Fresh Made Meat Pies • Fresh Baked Fruit Pies For faster service, phone orders accepted NOW TAKING CHRISTMAS ORDERS 46 Putnam Pike, Johnston, RI 401-231-8111 web: email: FULL SERVICE BAR SELECTION We accept all major credit cards. Minimum catering order is $200.00. There will be a ROOM FEE of $100.00 and an 18% gratuity added to your order. — IN-HOUSE CATERING — • Birthday Parties • Office Parties Meetings • Showers • Weddings Entrées Sides Each buffet pan serves approximately 10 people. $48.80 each pan, *except as noted. • Chicken Cutlet Parmigiana • Sausage & Peppers with Sauce • Meatballs & Peppers with Sauce • Chicken Cutel Milanese • Eggplant Parmigiana • Chicken Marsala with Mushrooms ($50.40) • Baked Manicotti with Mozzarella • Veal Parmigiana ($57.40) • Meatballs with Sauce • Sausage with Sauce • Ravioli Formage • Baked Lasagna Ziti Macaroni – $22.00 • Ziti in Pink Vodka Sauce – $38.75 • Baked Ziti with Ricotta & Mozzarella Cheese – $38.75 HOliday PartiES Book your Holiday Party! Celebrate in a private room for up to 60 guests! Call now for best dates. Home delivery available appetizers & Salads Hot Buffalo Wings 30 pcs. $26.10 60 pcs $36.95 Chicken Wings 30 pcs. $23.95 60 pcs $33.95 Cold Cut Platter serving 20-22 $75.95 serving 10-12 $47.50 House Salad Serves 10 Reg. $20.95 Lg. $38.65 Serves 20 Greek Salad Serves 15-20 $45.75 Grilled Chicken Salad Serves 15-20 $50.95 Pesto Pizza Appetizer size $24.50 Party-size Pizza Appetizer size $11.95 White Pizza Olive Oil & spices $11.55 Calzone Slices Serves 15-20 Choose from Italian Cold Cuts or Cheese & Spinach or Cheese & Pepperoni OR Eggplant Parmigiana Calzone 35 to 40 pcs. $35.45 Gift Card Special Buy $50 in Gift Cards receive a $10 Gift Card FrEE 4 Tag Drive No. Providence, RI Body & Fender Work – Expert Refinishing CORVETTE REBUILDERS 24 Hour Towing Gino's Auto Sales & Body Works 401-231-9000 Complete Collision Services Quality late model vehicles Specializing in insurance work HAPPY HOLIDAYS From Our Family To Yours! HAPPY HOLIDAYS From Our Family To Yours!

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