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22 CHRISTMAS IN THE VALLEY 2018 NOVEMBER 28-DECEMBER 4, 2018 | THE VALLEY BREEZE & OBSERVER Nothing quite compares to a Hallmark Christmas When some of my friends and fam- ily learned that the Hallmark Channel was starting its record-setting 34-Christmas movie schedule Oct. 26, I could almost hear the col- lective groan from many miles away. When the announcement came out, my phone immediately started blowing up with people making sure I'd heard the great news. It would seem I've gained a reputation. Come on, you can admit it, you love these perfect ensembles of bad fake snow, cheesy plot lines, seemingly intentional terrible acting, and enough inconsistencies to make sure you know the entire movie was made in a month. My wife pointed out to me the other night at the start of one of these classics that she thought she'd seen it before, but really wasn't sure because it might just be Candace Cameron Bure lost on yet another remote road near a log cabin where a dashingly handsome man, with a 5 o'clock shadow that will still look just as perfect in the morning, will graciously take the couch in the cold side room so she can enjoy the king-sized bed and perfectly delight- ful amenities in what's supposed to be a vacant cabin. The fifth most popular Hallmark Christmas movie ever, accord- ing to Thrillist, is Cameron Bure's 2013 "Let It Snow." If the following synopsis doesn't make you want to watch it, I hate to say you just might not have what it takes to be part of this club. "Stephanie has never seen snow, hates Christmas, and wants to shut down the Snow Valley Lodge to impress her stuffy father and boss (Alan Thicke). A Christmas-tree lighting, some fun on the slopes, a little cuddling on a toboggan with Brady, and one telling-off of her father later, and she has a whole different view of the world. This one is fun and sweet, with just enough bitterness that you won't choke on your gingerbread." This year there was an announcement that singer LeAnn Rimes would take part in her first Hallmark Christmas movie, "It's Christmas, Eve." It was predictably terrible, with some of the worst fake snow and too-perfect night lighting I've seen, but I couldn't stop watch- ing the snippets I caught. I'm quite sure they saved Christmas – again. There's always some redeeming quality, such as Rimes penning her own original songs for the film, though clearly they weren't her best. My Hallmark favorites are the ones portray- ing "hard-working" journalists who've been given months to come up with one story about By ETHAN SHOREY Valley Breeze Managing Editor Continues on next page We are so excited to welcome the Baptista family into their new home. The family comes here, legally, from Venezuela to escape the terrible economy and government oppression. Mt. Baptista came here a year in advance with his mother to establish himself a secure job at General Dynamics. While here, his wife and girls stayed in Venezuela enduring long hours of interviews by the government and immigration departments. Finally, the week before the 4th of July, they arrived in the United States safely, in time to celebrate their first, true, Independence Day. This is the story of the American Dream. Please help us as we help others like the Baptista's to find a safe, decent affordable home. Donations can be sent to: Habitat of West Bay & Northern RI, P.O. Box 6743, Warwick, RI 02887 From our homes to yours! CHRISTMAS JOY to you and yours Habitat for Humanity of West Bay & Northern R I Meet the Baptista Family – Home dedicated September 2018 West Bay and Northern Rhode Island, Inc.

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