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The Valley Breeze Woonsocket North Smithfield 11-15-2018

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50 Holidays 2018 | THE VALLEY BREEZE And let's face it, not all of us were blessed with a crafty gene or skilled artisan hands. This is why local markets exist. Visit A Local Baker Hand-crafted is not lim- ited to wares. For those on your list who prefer a minimalist lifestyle (or have everything), consider a consumable gift. Local bakeries go into overdrive during the holiday season, producing many delicious treats. Consumable gifts are a great way to show someone you care. One of the great things about local bakeries is that they take advantage of the high store traffic, and often produce specialty items only available during the holiday. Homemade marshmallows and cocoa- dusted truffles will make any friend feel loved. A Gift with a Story Don't hesitate to strike up a conversation with the shop owner. Because local businesses have a vested interest in their own success, they take special care with the items they stock and often know how things are produced. If you find your intended gift has a story, share it. For an added touch of thoughtfulness, choose a piece of fine stationery and write the item's story down. Include the note with the gift. Online Platforms Many online forums serve as communities of small-businesses selling handcrafted wares, many of which who work out of their homes. While this may not necessarily be shopping local in the traditional way, it is most definitely shopping small. (You also can probably find local sellers on these platforms.) It is important to sup- port small businesses because most are family- run. A majority of these businesses are so small they need to keep their overhead low, which means no brick and mortar building. By pur- chasing items from these shops, you are helping someone else's dream grow and gaining a hand- made gift in the process. – © 2018 Green Shoot Media Gifting Hand-Crafted A handmade gift can add a special note of thought to a gift. But remember to think outside the box. Shopping local can actually allow you to achieve the best of both worlds: Gifting an item that is unique and handmade while also saving yourself the time and stress of creating something yourself. NOV-15-2018-MAG-CL-88-Laura.indd 50 11/7/18 10:36 AM

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