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82 Holidays 2018 | THE VALLEY BREEZE Everything in Moderation So much of the holiday season involves excess. Rich foods, parties with rounds of drinks, stress-fueled cookie binges (that's everyone else too, right?). But for healthy living, a path of moderation is best. Here are some tips for keeping your appetites under control. Get on Track To control how much you're eat- ing and drinking, it's important to understand just how much you're eating and drinking. Track your food and drink, whether it's in a notebook or by an app on your phone. This will allow you to see just how many calories you're consuming and when you're consuming it. It may surprise you, for instance, at how many calo- ries you drink. It'll make it easier for you to see where you need to cut. Tag a Buddy Ask a friend to help you keep an eye on your consumption, especially when you're out at holiday parties. Hold each other accountable and help each other make more health- ful choices while you're making the holiday rounds. Fake It, Don't Take It If you're feeling pressured to drink at a holiday party, start ordering drinks that look like alcoholic bever- ages, but aren't. A soda with a twist of lime looks awfully like a whole handful of vodka drinks, but is just good ol' H20. You can also order soft drinks or juice, both of which are pretty common mixers, but ask the bartender to hold the booze. When it comes to food, give your- self permission to indulge, but only take the foods you really love and leave the rest. If you're pressured to just try a little, remember it adds up. Practice telling people (maybe that pushy aunt who always has a new gelled salad recipe) no. Plan, Plan, Plan If you know you're going to an event where there's likely to be a lot of food or a big meal, plan accord- ingly. Take smaller portions for the rest of your meals that day. Plan an extra workout. Stay hydrated to help fight bloating from extra salt and sugar. – © 2018 Green Shoot Media NOV-15-2018-MAG-CL-88-Laura.indd 82 11/7/18 10:44 AM

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