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The Valley Breeze Woonsocket North Smithfield 11-15-2018

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74 Holidays 2018 | THE VALLEY BREEZE The Gift that Keeps on Giving Shopping local is the ultimate gift you can give your community and it is an incredibly patriotic act. By shopping local, you keep your money local, investing in the place that invests in you. Read on for some inspiring reasons to shop local. You Make Your Town The Place To Be Local shops and businesses are what give a town its flavor. By spending money in local shops — especially those that support local makers — you are making a state- ment that you appreciate those trades and would like to see them remain in the area. Supporting those businesses can even attract more people to your area. Towns and cities with vibrant downtown areas are hot spots during the shopping season, resulting in more revenue for many related businesses, organizations and tourism bureaus. You Help Shape Your Community A community's small businesses are what give a town or city its heart; these are places that help shape your town's character and personal brand. Locally owned businesses tend to stock the items and products that they know will sell well. By purchasing from small businesses, you are helping to dictate the items they sell, as well as their overall success in the community. You Support Your Neighbors Well, maybe not technically your neighbors, but defi- nitely others who live in your area. Not only do small businesses account for more than 99 percent of all the business in the country (that is a lot of jobs), but they sup- port and give to local programs. One of the most popular ways small businesses give back is through sponsoring little league teams and major community events. And shopping local doesn't stop at purchasing gifts. Consider shopping local with your groceries or opening up a sav- ings account at a local bank to save for your Christmas shopping all year round. – © 2018 Green Shoot Media NOV-15-2018-MAG-CL-88-Laura.indd 74 11/7/18 10:39 AM

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