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72 Holidays 2018 | THE VALLEY BREEZE Send Your Personal Thanks With the internet and social media, sending messages to anywhere in the world has never been easier. Thank a military member this holiday season by preparing a heartfelt thank you for their service. Whether you choose to send an email, a hand- written letter or upload a video, make sure your appreciation is clearly displayed! It is easy for soldiers to become dis- couraged of their lifestyle, especially if they are miles away from their loved ones and home. You can do your part this holiday by expressing how important their sacrifice and service is to your fam- ily and the country. By Letter There may not be a more personal way to say thanks than writing out a handwritten letter. Remember these tips from Operation Gratitude when preparing a thank you. • Begin with a generic salutation, such as "Dear Hero" or "Dear Brave One." • Share stories about yourself as well as inter- ests. • Be sure to include your return address in case the recipient chooses to respond. • Don't date letters, it may take months for care packages to be received after they are sent. By Email This type of contact is best if you personally know the soldier you wish to thank. While it may seem less personal than a letter, it's the quickest way to get your message to a hero. Be sure to include excit- ing news about their hometowns or interests. In addition to thanking them, ask how you can help make their time away easier. This may mean checking in on their friends or family members or sending along pictures of their pets or loved ones. Reminding them of home can be a welcome distrac- tion when far away. By Video Record your salute and post it online. It might be hard to address one soldier when going this route, so express your gratitude for the entire military and the sacrifices they are making. Hopefully, your video will be widely viewed by a military audience. – © 2018 Green Shoot Media NOV-15-2018-MAG-CL-88-Laura.indd 72 11/7/18 10:39 AM

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