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NORTH SMITHFIELD BLACKSTONE WOONSOCKET EDITION | VALLEY BREEZE | NOVEMBER 8-14, 2018 NORTH SMITHFIELD 5 The other council results appeared to offer a deeper look at residents' thoughts following the incident. O'Hara and Zwolenski, the two coun- cilors who voted in favor of the Nike resolution before it was recalled a week later, came in last and second to last out of candidates elected to the council, while Bartomioli, the one incumbent running for re-election who voted against the resolution, placed second. Osier, a first-time candidate who campaigned on a plat- form of increasing transparency and fostering change in town government, placed third. "I think they were ready for change in a positive direction," Osier told The Breeze. "I think a lot of people felt like they maybe weren't being represented as well, and they wanted to be includ- ed in that process." Megan Staples, a town resident who announced a write-in campaign fol- lowing the Nike resolution, did not win. Unofficial results from the Board of Elections indicated write-in candi- dates secured 3.4 percent of the vote, or 618 individual votes. Vadenais, who most recently served on the Municipal Buildings Review Task Force, was the top vote-getter. Speaking to The Breeze Tuesday night, he said he thought the vote showed residents' confidence in his abilities as demonstrated by past positions. "I'm ready to work with anybody, it's never been my way or the high- way type of thing. It's going to be, 'work with what's best for the town,'" he said. Zwolenski on Tuesday said he was disappointed that Beauregard was not re-elected but looked forward to work- ing with "new blood" on the council. This will be his eighth consecutive term serving on the council. "The Nike situation was miscon- strued and just got blown out of pro- portion," he said. "( John Beauregard is) one of the finest council presidents I had the opportunity to work with." Residents also elected two can- didates to the School Committee's two open elected positions. William Connell, an attorney and former School Committee member, won the highest number of votes, while current appointed member Paul Jones also won a seat. Francesca Johannis, a cur- rent appointed member, did not win re-election. "It's tough, because the three can- didates who were running, I think we all care so deeply about North Smithfield," said Jones, noting the three candidates' similar views on school-related issues. Residents also considered several local referendum questions, approving a $1 million bond for an extension of the Slatersville water system and vot- ing on proposed town charter amend- ments. In a two-thirds vote, residents rejected a proposed amendment that would have enacted a switch from an elected to an appointed town adminis- trator, repeating a vote that was taken in 2010. Town Administrator Gary Ezovski, who ran unopposed for re- election this year, had expressed his support for the switch. Voters approved eight other pro- posed charter amendments, includ- ing removing two appointed posi- tions from the School Committee, increasing the administrator's term to four years, establishing term limits, reducing the number of signatures required for a recall, increasing the debt limit that doesn't require a vote of residents and establishing an Asset Management Commission. Changes related to the town administrator and School Committee positions will take effect in December 2020. BREEZE PHOTO BY LAUREN CLEM DOUGLAS OSIER JR., and his wife, ASHLEY, wave to voters outside Scouters Hall on Tuesday. COUNCIL From Page One built a grassroots organization out of nothing and stood up to one of the most ferocious political operations in the state." While unofficial vote counts were still being tallied Wednesday, prelimi- nary results showed Fattman with a lead in every community in the dis- trict except Southbridge. From preceding page Independently Owned & Operated by George & Malanie Loya Wood Blinds • Shutters • Roman Shades Woven Wood • Custom Drapery Top Treatments • Verticals and more! Local: 401-356-4770 Call to schedule your free in-home consultation

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