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VALLEY BREEZE LIVING EDITION | NOVEMBER 8-14, 2018 ENTERTAINMENT 7 Santa's 'helpers' needed for Polar Express WOONSOCKET – Santa could use your help this Christmas season! Once again, the Blackstone Valley Tourism Council will host the popular Blackstone Valley Polar Express Train Ride and attract as many as 20,000 passengers this sea- son. Volunteers are needed. This three-hour experience is based on the popular children's book "The Polar Express" by noted Rhode Island author Chris Van Allsburg, which was also made into an animated fam- ily movie featuring Tom Hanks. The Polar Express trav- els from the Woonsocket railroad depot on Main Street on weekends (Fridays through Sundays) beginning Nov. 16 through Dec. 23. The Tourism Council is seeking volunteers for vari- ous positions on the train, which include helpers to pass out golden tickets, greet guests, and take photos. Those interested in volun- teering should contact Joan Loos at joan@tourblack- or call 401-724- 2200. For more passenger infor- mation and tickets visit www.blackstonevalleypolar- or call the box office at 401-495-1213. Malek shines as Mercury in 'Bohemian Rhapsody' HHH Legendary singer Freddie Mercury who was the front man of rock band Queen led a life that was secretive to most of the general public, but long fod- der for the British tabloids. In the new film "Bohemian Rhapsody," his rise and that of the band is charted from the early 70s onward culminating in the world-wide event, Live Aid in 1985. Mercury was the son of Pakistani immigrant parents in London and felt himself to be an outcast. He was born with a few extra teeth and had a very severe overbite that while he was com- fortable with it, others viewed as awk- ward. Mercury is played by Rami Malek and his portrayal is superb. He is the absolute living embodiment of the quirky and flamboyant crooner. When he and the band first start out, he is ramrod confident the band is going to be superstars. He meets and marries Mary Austin (Lucy Boynton), though he struggles with his own sexuality throughout their relationship. Mercury declares to her in the film he thinks he is bisexual, but she affirms for him that he is gay. The film leans heavily on his personal life, which is not a surprise, given that a star of his magnitude was zealously pursued. These were the late 70s and early 80s when newspapers and glossy magazines were everywhere, so there's no shortage of cameras and flashbulbs. The excesses, lavish, and over-the-top rock 'n' roll lifestyle is on full display here. Mercury becomes involved with one of his "handlers" Paul (Allen Leech) who also often arranges dalliances for Freddie while on tour. As the band grows in popularity, so do their egos and the unending gaggle of people clinging onto them or attempting to cash in. There's a point midway through where Rami Malek begins to look exactly like Sebastian Stan's "Jeff Gillooly" from "I, Tonya" and I found it hard from there on to see Freddie. This isn't to take away from Malek's por- trayal, which is astounding, it was just an odd similarity. While the film has a solid autobio- graphical tone, some sequences, seem really flat and canned. Especially some of the studio bits that felt like glossy tales from VH1's "Behind the Music." I did not feel as though this was as effec- tive as Oliver Stone's "The Doors" from 1991. This felt very paint-by-the-num- bers ordinary, with the exception of the highly climatic ending in Wembley Stadium. The film is credited as directed by Bryan Singer (though he was fired by Fox before finishing) who did the very popular "X-Men" films and "The Usual Suspects." He seems to have gone a lit- tle overboard here. After the band's sin- gle "Bohemian Rhapsody" is released, quotes of reviews are annoyingly splashed across the screen and then there's another lazy montage where city names whiz across in blinding neon to emphasize their long tour. There were parts that felt cheap and amateurish. One of my harshest complaints is the casting of Mike Myers as EMI exec Ray Foster, who declares in the film that "no teenagers are going to be bang- ing their heads to this song" after listen- ing to "Bohemian Rhapsody" when first played for him. Myers, famously played Wayne in 1992's "Wayne's World" where he and pal Garth lip sync and rock out to that song as they're driving. Rated PG13. Film Unfiltered TOM BURKE RAMI MALEK stars as Freddie Mercury in "Bohemian Rhapsody." ACROSS 1. Boat structure 5. Affirmatives 10. From end to end 14. Ancient Syrian city 15. Plant parts 16. Anatomical fea- ture of worms 17. Invests in little enterprises 18. Cuts the skin off 19. Noted child psy- chiatrist 20. Satisfies 22. Take by sips 23. Matched 24. It changed the world 27. U.S. Founding Father Adams 30. Father 31. Swiss river 32. They hold music 35. Spoke 37. Used to write 38. Cold wind 39. More competent 40. Test for high schoolers 41. Mild analgesic 42. Indian industrial city 43. Fellas 44. Short-tailed martens 45. No seats available 46. Golf score 47. A way to sink 48. Type of invest- ment account 49. Songs 52. Type of sword 55. __ King Cole, musician 56. Type of vaccine 60. Site of the Taj Mahal 61. Languished 63. Ethnic group in South China 64. Prevent from seeing 65. Word of farewell 66. Charity given to the poor 67. Chops 68. Swiss capital 69. One point east of southeast DOWN 1. Type of hall 2. Swedish rock group 3. Long, narrow cut 4. Indicating silence 5. Talk at length 6. Wiped away 7. Sweet substance (alt. sp.) 8. Babar is one 9. Soviet Socialist Republic 10. French avant-gar- de composer 11. Commoner 12. Swiss river 13. A single-minded expert 21. Passover feast and ceremony 23. Indie record label (abbr.) 25. Fellow 26. Strong tree 27. Drenches 28. Spindle 29. North Dravidian language 32. Lounges about 33. Preamble 34. Essential for nachos 36. Afternoon bev- erage 37. 007's creator 38. Founder of Babism 40. Music played in open air 41. Profoundly wise men 43. Disfigure 44. Unhappy 46. Prefix denoting "in a" 47. Cotton fabric; satiny finish 49. Closes tightly 50. The lowest point 51. Semitic sun god 52. Grads wear one 53. Phil __, former CIA 54. Fermented rather than distilled 57. Aids digestion 58. Un- stressed-stressed 59. Body part 61. Wonderful 62. Expected at a certain time Answers to this week's crossword puzzle can be found on page 12. WOON 1240 WOONSOCKET RADIO BE A BIG WINNER! (Save this calendar) Each weekday during November, WOON will feature a local business. Listen and keep track of the business by writing its name in the appropriate day in the calendar. After November 30th, send or bring your completed calendar to WOON, 985 Park Avenue, Woonsocket, RI 02895, by Thursday, December 6th, 2018. On Friday, December 7th, listen to Coffee An' from 8 to 9 a.m. THREE WINNERS will be drawn from all correct entries. FIRST PRIZE is a $100 shopping spree at one of the contest's participating sponsors. SECOND PRIZE is a $75 shopping spree at a contest sponsor, other than the 1st prize winner's choice. THIRD PRIZE is a $50 shopping spree at a contest sponsor other than the choices of the first two winners. NAME: ...................................................................... PHONE: ..................................................................... Play Business of the Day! Yes, the Popular Business of the Day Calendar is BACK! LISTEN, PLAY, WIN!! NOVEMBER 2018 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 4 11 18 25 5 12 19 26 6 13 20 7 14 21 1 8 15 22 2 9 16 23 3 10 17 24 27 28 29 30

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