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©2018 BREEZE PUBLICATIONS INC. When we first connected, Lewis Black was ranting about his phones. "I couldn't get to you, because two other people called me just before you did. Telemarketers. Thank you very much to whoever's in charge of blocking those." The gratitude was sarcastic. Very sarcastic. I asked him how things were going. You know, to break the ice. "They're as good as they can be," he started to say. Then he stopped and said, "It's appalling. It's beyond belief. This is not the way we should be conducting ourselves." For those who don't know Black, he's a comedian. Specifically, a political comedian. One who's given to ranting about things. If he doesn't like something, you'll know. For instance, the U.S.Congress. "A cesspool of immaturity" is his term for the elected body. Black is not a happy camper, and it's mostly due to the current state of our world. But is he truly upset? "Sure, I get upset for a little while at home, but then I head for a theater and say, 'OK, let's have some fun,'" he says. Black will be performing at the Providence Performing Arts Center tonight, Nov. 8, the latest stop on his Joke's on US Tour. "I found ways to talk about this nonsense," he says. 'I don't dwell on it." The current administration is a favorite target, but he never men- tions the president by name. "If you love him, if you don't like him, you've heard his name enough," says Black. "I've made jokes about him for 40 years. Enough. I know if I say the name, his ears perk up." Black agrees that his act is a blend of bitter and funny. "I try to offer a solution to deal with the madness," he said. He talks about health care. "I have a whole section about drugs people are taking, people are self-medicating. They're responding to drug ads. That's why we're pay- ing so much for health care, we're paying for those ads." He talks about spending 10 days in a hospital in Ireland. "You hear all this talk about 'if the people ran health care, it would be horrible.' My experience in Ireland was tremendous." Ireland has social- ized medicine. "I went to the ER, I went from diagnosis to treatment in 45 minutes. And the Irish have medical equipment eerily similar to ours." He finds the anti-socialized medi- cine rhetoric to be "nonsense. It's all made up." He believes politicians spend too much time calculating how to get re-elected instead of @ @ Living THE VALLEY BREEZE NOVEMBER 8-14, 2018 QUICK INDEX Calendar 11 Entertainment 3 Movies 7 Real Estate 9 Recipe 4 Classifi eds 14 The things you find I was searching for the very nice certificate I had received from the National Wildlife Federation dated Nov. 19, 2013, designating my slightly messy little yard a Certified Wildlife Habitat in their "worldwide network of mini-refuges." It stated that "Because of the owner's conscientious planning, land- scaping and sustainable gardening, wildlife may find quality habitat – food, water, cover, and places to raise their young." I hesitated to point out the fact that it was more happy hap- penstance with little or no planning involved, but since I didn't want to embarrass them, I decided to just let the matter slide. I'm really not meaning to brag here, and I know that it sounds like a pretty geeky thing, but it really pleases me to see such a wide variety of birds and what I refer to as critters here on my little suburban plot of land. It never occurred to me that it might be considered anything special until my daughter Kathy, who is infi- nitely more of a "tree hugger" than I am, told me I should apply for the certification. When filling out the paperwork, I was surprised to learn that the woodpile and the residual rock pile My Life RHEA BOUCHARD POWERS See RHEA, Page 10 Lewis Black: Making ranting fun again By FRANK O'DONNELL Valley Breeze Entertainment Writer See LEWIS BLACK, Page 8 Lewis Black's The Joke's on US Tour Providence Performing Arts Center • Nov. 8 at 7:30 p.m. • Call 401-421-ARTS • Visit Free Design Consultations & Measuring Service on all kitchen designs and remodels Passion For Stone. Passion For Service. 840 Cumberland Hill Road Woonsocket, RI 02895 401-765-5533

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