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10 ELECTION 2018 NOVEMBER 7-13, 2018 | VALLEY BREEZE | NORTH PROVIDENCE EDITION appreciate the voters coming to the polls. And all that I can tell them is that I will do my absolute best for them in every decision that I make." On helping Martone with his win- ning primary campaign, Autiello said he has the best time of his life in poli- tics working with his friend over the summer. "It was very interesting to sit back and not be the candidate and it was really fun. His hard work paid off. So I was very, very proud of that," he said. Autiello said it was great to see vot- ers come out on a rainy day, "and I couldn't be more happy to represent them. "Like I said, we've really had a lot of good things going on in the town. We have a $75 million infrastructure bond for the schools, which we've become the model for the state, we have our public safety complex being built with no cost to the taxpayers, and we just had a solar farm ribbon cutting. I want to see all these projects finished out, and with that being said, once these projects are done, if we can sell off that land where the public safety complex is now, that's years we can go without a tax increase for the residents." Martone thanked residents for the support and said he looks forward to serving another four years. The newcomer said Autiello was "unbelievable" in helping with his campaign. "I couldn't have done it without him," he said. As he walked the town, said Martone, he told a lot of people that he thinks the town is in really good shape. "What I want to do is keep the ball rolling. And as far as tonight goes, we are going to enjoy it, we're going to celebrate, and then we'll figure out what we are going to do going forward in the next few weeks and months." Snodgrass and Martone, who both serve on the town's zoning board, had run a clean campaign, both running on quality of life issues for the district. Martinelli had taken a more strident tone in his challenge of Autiello, say- ing the incumbent is "married to the system" that no longer works for the people. North Providence residents gave incumbent Gov. Gina Raimondo MARIO MARTONE addresses supporters after he wins the District 3 Town Council seat over Brendan Snodgrass 2,539 to 1,123. VALLEY BREEZE PHOTOS BY CHARLES LAWRENCE SHANA AUTIELLO, left, and KEN MARTONE post the precinct election results. RACES From Page One Continues on next page

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