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6 SMITHFIELD OCTOBER 18-24, 2018 | VALLEY BREEZE & OBSERVER | SMITHFIELD SCITUATE FOSTER GLOCESTER SMITHFIELD – Vacant since August of last year, the Smithfield finance director position is now filled by Jason Parmelee. Coming from 18 months serving as Cumberland's mayor-appointed finance director, Parmelee made his exit as a new mayor, Jeff Mutter, will enter office there in January. The move to Smithfield will offer more sta- bility for Parmelee, who is appointed by Town Manager Randy Rossi. As Cumberland Mayor Bill Murray prepares to leave office, many of his Parmelee fills year-long Smithfield finance director vacancy By JACQUELYN MOOREHEAD Valley Breeze & Observer Staff Writer appointed staff are expected to depart as well. Parmelee said he would rather work in a town with secure employment rather than "at will" in Cumberland. Where Cumberland had many disagreements between elected officials, Parmelee said Smithfield's government structure, with a council- appointed manager, who in turn appoints the finance director, lends to aligned decisions. Parmelee, a father of two children ages 6 and 4, said he felt Smithfield was the secure choice to protect his family. Besides his children, he said protecting the taxpayers' money is his top priority. "I care about the taxpayer's money as if it feeds my kids because it actu- ally feeds my kids," Parmelee said. "That's my style – to look out for the tax- payer at all cost." Parmelee, a Scituate resident, is no stranger to Smithfield. While Rossi held his former posi- tion as finance director, Parmelee worked with him as a public accoun- tant performing municipal audits for Smithfield. "It will be refreshing to work with someone who cares as much about the financial data as I do," Parmelee said. Similar in style, Parmelee said he is familiar with the finance department staff, and is fond of Rossi's methods of keeping records. He said he admires Rossi's temperament and style, and thought he was the "kind of guy I'd like to work for." In his opinion, Smithfield's finances are well run and in good shape, said Parmelee. With a 53 percent residen- tial tax base, he said Smithfield main- tains the right balance of residential and business industry. "There's a lot for me to catch up on. I envision my first day I'll read the charter and sit down with staff to see how their department works," he said. See PARMALEE, Page 19 PARMALEE We accept a wide range of health insurance programs ■ Sports Medicine ■ Orthopedic Physical Therapy ■ Vestibular Physical Therapy ■ Neurological Physical Therapy ■ Sports Conditioning ■ Performance Enhancement ■ Pre and Post Operative Rehabilitation ■ Neck and Back Care We are a proud member of this community providing quality physical therapy services for over 30 years. Trust Our Services and Reputation Since 1991 "My busy schedule wouldn't tolerate a stiff neck preventing me from driving. I wasn't able to turn my head left or right without pain. My Doctor recommended physical therapy instead of other more invasive treatments. The therapy plan developed by the staff at Northern Rhode Island Physical Therapy worked out the kinks. Driving my grandkids around isn't a pain in the neck anymore." Eileen, Cumberland "Playing high school football can be fun, but getting tackled and breaking your leg with ligament damage is not. 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