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NORTH SMITHFIELD BLACKSTONE WOONSOCKET | VALLEY BREEZE | OCT. 11-17, 2018 NO. SMITHFIELD / WOONSOCKET 7 and management. According to Beth Proctor, director of human resources at The Brickle Group, 55 of the com- pany's approximately 110 employees have gone through some part of the program, and 15 percent have been promoted since it began. "What it allows us to do is hire somebody who's less skilled and then put them through this program and then they get those skills," she said. The program draws heavily from lean business practices, a philosophy in manufacturing that urges the entire company to get involved with elimi- nating waste and maximizing efficien- cy in the production cycle. Employees participate through initiatives like an idea board and by reporting all near-misses and inefficiencies on the factory floor. They're recognized for their involvement and offered training opportunities, measures that encourage promotion within the company. "It's a whole growth and develop- ment path for them," said Proctor. Last week, Gov. Gina Raimondo and representatives from the Department of Labor and Training toured the com- pany's facilities, remarking afterward on the importance of training pro- grams in continuing to grow the state's changing industry. "It's different now than my father's manufacturing," said Raimondo. "The stuff you saw today is pretty technical, but they're good jobs, these people are making 20, 30 dollars an hour or more, so they're good jobs to have, no college degree." Lindsey Brickle, who serves as program manager for The Phoenix Partnership, said the program has now begun offering classes in Spanish as well as ESL classes to better serve the state's workforce. The companies involved with the program, which now number 12, hope to eventually form an association to continue supporting manufacturing development in the state. "A lot of our employers have a need and want to send their entire work- force through the programs," she said. As workforce demographics and product demands change – the U.S. Navy plans to phase out the iconic peacoat by 2020 – Max Brickle said the company plans to continue adapt- ing to industry changes and providing the training opportunities to ensure its own growth. It's a different world than the one where Hyman Brickle launched his company in 1937, but a new generation of leadership – and workers – have stepped up to keep the city's manufacturing tradition alive. BRICKLE GROUP From Page 2 North Smithfield Water Department to conduct hydrant flushing next week NORTH SMITHFIELD – The North Smithfield Water Department will conduct hydrant flushing in the Slatersville, Forestdale, Great Road, Mendon Road and Industrial Park areas Monday, Oct. 15, through Friday, Oct. 19, 8 p.m.-3 a.m. Flushing enhances the water qual- ity for area residents and businesses, but it may cause temporary reduc- tion in water pressure throughout the system. Some discoloration of water may occur, but it is not harm- ful. Department officials recommend limited water use during the flushing operation. This includes using water to wash clothes and dishes. They suggest you check your water before use. If it is discolored, run the cold water until it clears. Paid for by Friends of John Beauregard. VOTE JOHN BEAUREGARD FOR TOWN COUNCIL Let's Keep North Smithfield Moving Forward As your Town Council, we worked closely with the Administration to achieve the following: • Make additional funds available for paving our roads instead of going out to bond. • Attempting to improve access to industrial land for future tax benefit. • Purchase desperately needed fire and rescue equipment without bonding. • Moved sewer project forward without increasing town debt. • Established a policy and appropriate funding for our Reserve Account. — John Beauregard Vote for John Beauregard on November 6th Any questions? Feel free to reach out to me at

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