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6 LINCOLN SEPTEMBER 20-26, 2018 | VALLEY BREEZE | CUMBERLAND LINCOLN EDITION quite scared and lonely. If the kids and I tried to leave her for the day or overnight with a sitter, she would panic and escape from our fenced-in backyard." Daisy quickly earned a criminal reputation in Lincoln, with local Facebook groups inquiring about the mystery dog wandering the streets of Lime Rock. Taking notice of Daisy's loneliness, the family stepped up their search for a sixth member of their animal family – a second dog to join Daisy, their two cats, Onslow and Emmet, and two rats, Christmas and Rosie II. "For the past couple of years, I had thought about getting a second dog as a companion to Daisy, but the right dog simply hadn't come along," Nadeau said. "We used Petfinder to identify some candidates and visit them at shelters and adoption events. While we met some really nice dogs, the chemistry just wasn't there." Nadeau – and Daisy – patiently waited for their perfect match. Finally, while scoping out adoptable dogs online, Nadeau saw a profile posted by Little Rhody Rescue for a 1-year- old mutt from Tennessee, "with what looked to be a smile on his face, love in his warm brown eyes and three legs," named Peg Leg Pete. "I knew we had to meet him," Nadeau said. They made arrangements with Little Rhody Rescue owner Kate Dubuque to meet Pete at a local pet store, where they would introduce him to Daisy. "We walked into the store, and there was Pete, even sweeter and hap- pier than he appeared in his photos," Nadeau said. Dubuque then shared Pete's story with the family: He had belonged to a young woman in Tennessee who was in an abusive relationship. In anger, her boyfriend ran Pete down with his car, shattering his front right leg. The town's animal control officer, who works in partnership with Little Rhody Rescue, took Pete to the vet- erinarian for treatment, where they determined his leg would need to be amputated. When Nadeau and her children met Pete, he was two weeks out of surgery and already zipping around on three legs. "During our initial meeting with him, my son Niccolo said he felt sad to see Pete with his missing leg. (Dubuque) explained that unlike humans, dogs live in the moment, that Pete had already forgotten about the pain he had experienced and was sim- ply happy to be safe and loved," said Nadeau. "Kate wears an angel wing necklace – to us she truly is an angel to the animals she saves." Peg Leg Pete, now known as just Pete, has been a Lincoln resident for three weeks, adjusting well to life in New England as a southern trans- plant. Daisy has accepted him into the family, running alongside him in the backyard, wrestling in the living room and lounging in Nadeau's home office while she works. He even has an Instagram account, @PegLegPetePup. "It's like he's always been a member of our family," Nadeau said of Pete. "He loves being with Daisy, although like a typical little brother, he pushes her buttons from time to time. He loves Niccolo and Isabella and they love him. His favorite time of day is when we meet them at the bus stop after school." During the family's walks, neigh- bors have "been turning smiling faces our way and waving, some taking a double-take at what they see, a three- legged dog hopping along with a spring in his step and newfound hap- piness in his big brown eyes," said Nadeau. "If you see us walking in our neigh- borhood or somewhere around town, please feel free to stop and say hi," she said. "To me Pete is an inspiration and can teach us all a lesson about overcoming adversity, living in the moment and embracing a second chance at life." PETE From Page One BREEZE PHOTO BY NICOLE DOTZENROD ISABELLA NADEAU, 8, of Lincoln, goes in for a hug with her dog PETE. Meeting Isabella and her brother, Niccolo, as they step off the bus is a highlight of Pete's day. 'During our initial meeting with him, my son Niccolo said he felt sad to see Pete with his missing leg. (Little Rhody Rescue owner Kate Dubuque) explained that unlike humans, dogs live in the moment, that Pete had already forgotten about the pain ... and was simply happy to be safe and loved.' KARA NADEAU Lincoln dog owner sewing machine center Miller's Crossing • 43 Old Bald Hill Rd., Cranston, RI 02920 Blaine's No matter your embroidery machine skill level, You will learn to take your creativity to new heights with Kym from the Revolution Austrailia Friday, September 21st & Saturday September 22nd Class Fee $135 pp includes materials, machine use, lunch & snacks Call Blaine's Sewing to register: 401-463-8324

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