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22 SEPTEMBER 20-26, 2018 | VALLEY BREEZE | CUMBERLAND LINCOLN EDITION Mushrooms are the original superfood. Ancient cultures used them for food and health. In the modern era we have learned why they are so good for us; because they support every body system, from brain and nerves to energy to skin cells, as well as our natural immunity. From a DNA perspective, mushrooms are more closely related to humans than to plants. That might explain why many of the components in mush- rooms that help them defend themselves may also help our immune systems when we consume them. Mushroom benefits: · Contain beta glucans – components important for immunity by increasing the activity and effectiveness of natural killer cells that fight viruses, cancers and environmental assaults on the body · Contain enzymes that help assimilate nutrients from the foods we eat · Contain natural prebiotics that feed the friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract · Provide antioxidants that fight free radicals in the body · Reduce systemic inflammation (the cause of many diseases) · Improve stress and fatigue Medicinally speaking, there are a number of great mushrooms. The most commonly known ones are: · Cordyceps for energy, breathing, muscles and libido · Reishi for stress and cardiovascular and liver support · Lion's Mane for memory and nerve support (re-myelination of nerves) · Maitake (also known as hen of the woods) for healthy blood sugar support · Chaga for antioxidant and gastrointestinal support · Turkey Tail for digestive, liver and immune support Although all common mushrooms are good food (white button, Portobello, chanterelles, oyster, etc.), medicinal mushrooms are not usually cooked and added to recipes, instead, they are taken in supplement form; in capsules or liquid tinctures. Include mushroom supplements for a healthy life! What are the benefits of medicinal mushrooms? Q: A: 1099 Mendon Road Cumberland, RI (401) 305-3585 www.its– Peer-to-peer lending, also known as crowd lending, or simply P2P, can be defined as the practice of lending money to individuals or businesses through online marketplaces. These marketplaces, such as Prosper or Lending Club, match up the borrowers and lenders based on a variety of criteria. For instance, if you had some extra, discretionary income that you endeavored to generate an above inflation interest rate on, you could become a lender via a P2P venue. You would be able to decide how much (for most, as little as $25 can be lent) and to whom (low-risk, medium-risk, etc.) you lend. I am very much in favor of P2P – and, from either side of the transaction. For one who wants to lend as an investment, if you do proper analysis on your risk class and diversify amongst various loans, a reasonable risk-adjusted rate of return may be had. For myself personally, and my clients, success has been realized. There is of course the risk that to whom you lend can default on the loan; this is where the marketplace intervenes and attempts to recoup your investment. But, again, proper diversification can help to lessen this risk. I have also had clients who have had success borrowing via P2P as well. The loans are typically unsecured and thus carry an interest rate above a standard lending product (mortgage, HELOC, etc.), yet they are more favorable than credit card rates. Many of those I speak with are tired of dealing with the red tape of big banks and credit unions and instead go to their 'peers' for borrowing needs. With responsible debt management, P2P can be very advantageous to one's financial plan. There are risks to both borrowing and lending in a P2P marketplace and therefore it is imperative you speak with a financial professional prior to engaging either. If you want to talk specifically about your investments or financial planning, contact me for a personal conversation. What is peer-to-peer lending, and, it is a good investment? Q: A: 2374 Diamond Hill Road • Cumberland, RI 401-475-7570 • Michael Aragao President/Portfolio Manager 1. A Home Sale Contingency - is crucial if you're selling an existing home while buying a new one. Essentially, it says your purchase relies on your ability to sell your current home by a specific date. If you haven't accepted an offer in that period, you can withdraw and get your earnest money back. 2. An inspection contingency - gives you a set time frame to have a professional home inspection done on the property. Should issues be found, you can negotiate with the seller to make repairs or adjust the sales price to account for the home's condition. 3. An appraisal contingency - protects you if an appraisal comes in below the sales price. When this happens, it's up to you to make up the difference, either by securing additional financing, paying it out of pocket or renegotiating the deal. If none of these methods work, the contingency allows you to back out without losing your earnest money. 4. A financing contingency - ensures you're not liable if something goes awry with your loan. If you're unable to secure a mortgage or the terms and conditions change significantly during the contingency period, you can back out without any penalties. 5. An occupancy contingency - protects you should you need to move into your new home by a specific time. It gives you possession of the home on the date you specify. Contact us for more information on buying or selling a home. What are some contingencies that can protect your investment when buying a home? Q: A: A common running injury that affects this area is called ITB Syndrome (or Iliotibial Band Syndrome). This typically occurs with long distance runners and is usually an overuse issue. The IT Band is a thick band of connective fibrous tissue extending from the pelvic bone to the outside aspect of the knee. When it becomes tight it can rub over the bony outside portion of the knee. This friction and/or compression causes inflammation of the underlying bursa tissue, leading to lateral knee pain. This pain can become debilitating and affect new or seasoned runners, potentially sidelining them for weeks. There are several causes of IT band syndrome. Many times it can be from street running in the same direction due to the slope of the road, running excessive miles, running down hill with constant pounding, and improper footwear. Other anatomical factors contrib- uting to ITBS could be weakness in the hip musculature and postural deviations such as high arches. To treat ITB Syndrome, it is optimal to rest the area by reducing or stopping mileage, but maintaining active with cross training exercise such as swimming, cycling, or rowing. Stretching and strengthening of the proper muscles, especially surrounding the hip [where the IT Band originates], is a crucial portion of the rehabil- itation. Physical therapy will help by providing proper instruction in these exercises, as well as; soft tissue mobilization, ice, heat, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, iontophoresis, and taping. Once the inflammation has decreased and pain eliminated, a gradual return to running program can be initiated. A physical therapist can evaluate, diagnose, and treat this syndrome as well as most running injuries. If you would like any additional information, please feel free to contact Physical Therapy of Cumberland at 401-333-9787 to speak with one of our experienced therapists. I am getting a lot of pain from my hip to the outside of my knee which increases particularly with running. What is happening and what can I do? Q: A: I can help guide you through the process. Because I have practiced in the area of domestic relations law for the last 24 years, I am very familiar with the emotion, stress and chaos experienced by people involved in Family Court. Let me help you through this tough time by standing up for your rights, and also providing some personal support. I practice exclusively family law in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. My practice focuses on the following types of matters: • Divorce • Mediation (Divorce and other Family Issues) • Child Support, Custody, Visitation and other Modification Issues • Contempt Proceedings • Paternity Matters • Restraining Orders Contact me to discuss your issues. I look forward to helping you! What do I do if I need a divorce/family law attorney? Q: A: Jodie Caruolo Jodie Caruolo Attorney Attorney 3770 Mendon Rd., Cumberland, RI 508-320-3374 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? LOCAL EXPERTS Answer your Questions... The American College of Allergy, Asthma and Im- munology estimates that 50 million people in the United States have seasonal allergies — affecting up to 30% of adults and up to 40% of children. Allergy suffers usually experience congestion, sneezing, and a runny nose but their eyes can also be affected. Eye allergies, also known as allergic conjunctivitis, are very common and can present as red, itchy, watery eyes and swollen eyelids. In some instances, they also can cause sensitivity to light, foreign body sensation, and/ or blurry vision. Eye allergies are caused by allergens such as pollen, mold, dust and pet dander. When an allergy sufferer is exposed to allergens it releases a substance called histamine. There are different ways to get relief from eye allergies. Avoiding allergens is one of the best approaches. It may be necessary to see an allergist who can perform a skin or blood test to help identify specific allergens. When outdoors protect your eyes from airborne allergens by wearing wraparound sunglasses. Cold compresses can help to reduce swelling around the eyes and itching. In mild cases over-the-counter antihistamine eye drops (such as Alaway or Zaditor) may relieve eye allergy symptoms. Artificial tears can also help temporarily by washing allergens from your eyes. However, in more severe cases or if you do not get relief with over-the-counter eye drops, you may need to be prescribed a stronger medication by your eye doctor. In any case, do NOT rub your eyes! Rubbing your eyes releases more histamines and makes symptoms worse. Schedule an eye exam today to help get relief from your eye allergies! We hope you found this answer useful and informative. We will be answering questions submitted monthly. If you have a question you'd like to see answered, email it to Please follow us on social media! and Instagram @KlibanoffEye What are eye allergies and what can I do for relief? Q: A: 55 Broad Street Pawtucket, RI 401-723-3400

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