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PAWTUCKET EDITION | VALLEY BREEZE | JULY 11-17, 2018 PAWTUCKET / THE VALLEY 3 City's public protection classification gets upgrade PAWTUCKET – Mayor Donald Grebien and the Pawtucket Fire Department have announced that the city's public protection classification (PPC), a rating for its preparedness and ability to fight fires, has been upgraded. The Insurance Service Office, an organization providing emergency preparedness informa- tion to insurance companies, gave Pawtucket its second best rating. "This new rating is an important indicator that has the ability to help our residents secure a lower insur- ance rate," said Grebien in a release. "I applaud the hard work of the Pawtucket Fire Department to keep our city safe." A PPC rating is based on a commu- nity's ability and preparedness to fight fires, including a city's water supply capabilities, emergency telecommuni- cations and fire department. A com- munity is surveyed by ISO on these factors and given a rating from 1 to 10, with 1 being the best possible rat- ing. Pawtucket currently has a rating of 2, a classification held by 1,324 fire districts of the 45,000 districts with a PPC rating. The city's rating improved from a 3. North Providence is the only Rhode Island community with a Class 1 rat- ing in the state. Insurance companies that use ISO's rating apply it to help determine a property's fire insurance. A commu- nity with a better rating on the PPC scale is considered at a lower risk for loss or damage to property. This lower risk often lowers insurance rates for property owners in that community. "I am pleased that ISO has con- firmed the department's hard work and services that we provide, as well as upgraded our rating for the benefit of our residents and property owners," said Pawtucket Fire Chief William Sisson. NORTH PROVIDENCE – Popular opinion has it that Lizzie Borden killed her parents back in 1892, doing so in grisly fash- ion. Crime scene photos of the aftermath of the ax murder show Borden's father sprawled on a couch. That couch, which remains a key part of a regional tourist attraction to this day in Fall River, Mass., is now in North Providence, where local upholsterer Alan Frances, of Lizzie Borden couch being revived in North Providence By ETHAN SHOREY Valley Breeze Managing Editor ALAN FRANCES sits on the couch Lizzie Borden's father was said to have been found dead on. Frances is going over color choices for reupholstering the furniture piece. His company has been responsible for redoing some 20 pieces of furniture from the house. Bob Frances Interiors, 2179 Mineral Spring Ave., and his team are metic- ulously restoring its wood and fabric as close to how it once looked as possible. The couch is the last of about 20 pieces of furniture Bob Frances Interiors has redone over the past year at the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast Museum in Fall River. It's been a uniquely fun project, says Frances, and one he felt proud to land as one of few remaining uphol- sterers in the area. This couch has long been an "attention getter," he said, drawing thousands of tourists to re-enact Lizzie's dead father's pose. "It gets a lot of use," he told The North Providence Breeze. LIZZIE BORDEN See COUCH, Page 28 Michael's Meats Family Owned and Operated Since 1972 This Week's Specials Good From Thursday, July 12 TH -Wednesday, July 18 TH , 2018 Find out what's on sale at CUMBERLAND 2130 Mendon Road, 401-305-5555 FResh PRODUce FROM OUR Deli HOURS: Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m.; Saturday 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. LARGE PEACHES CAULIFLOWER FRESH 3 TO PKG ROMAINE HEARTS SWEET VIDALIA ONIONS LARGE AVOCADO FRESHLY MADE MICHAEL'S CHICKEN SALAD $ 2 .99 lb. $ 7 .99 lb. FRESHLY SLICED, BOAR'S HEAD CRACKED PEPPERMILL TURKEY BREAST SATURDAY SPECIAL SATURDAY, JULY 14 TH , 2018 only. CERTIFIED ANGUS TOP ROUND LONDON BROIL OR STEAK TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY SPECIAL TUES. & WED., JULY 17 TH & 18 TH , 2018 only. CERTIFIED ANGUS EXTRA LEAN TOP ROUND SANDWICH STEAK $ 3 .99 lb. ANTIBIOTIC FREE/HORMONE FREE WHOLE OR SPLIT FRESH CHICKEN BREASTS ST. LOUIS STYLE PORK SPARE RIBS $ 2 .99 lb. $ 8 .99 lb. $ 3 .49 lb. $ 1 .99 lb. FRESH GRADE A BONELESS SKINLESS CHICKEN THIGHS MID ATLANTIC FRESH CENTER CUT SWORDFISH STEAK FRESHLY SLICED, EXTRA LEAN BOILED HAM $ 5 .88 lb. $ 4 .99 lb. MICHAEL'S SEASONED CHEDDAR BURGERS $ 3 .88 lb. MICHAEL'S CHEESE TORTELLINI SALAD LARGE TOMATOES $ 1 .39 lb. $ 3 .99 lb. FRESH GROUND ALL WHITE MEAT LEAN GROUND TURKEY $ 1 .99 ea. $ 1 .88 lb. - BACON - MUSHROOM & ONION - MONTREAL $ 3 .88 lb. MICHAEL'S MARINATED PORK BLADE MEAT 69 ¢ lb. 99 ¢ ea. $ 2 .49 ea. $ 1 .39 lb.

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